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emma_joseph's Journal

Fans of Jomma <3 Emma Watson and JGL.
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Our love for Emma Watson/Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Jomma Love.
So to cure our obsession with Jomma or Josma or Emma Watson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a couple, a community has been created just for them. You can just be a fan of either one of them or if you are a fan of both then that is great! It's not just about shipping Jomma. Ok, maybe it is...

The Internet first started noticing them as a couple at the Oscars/86th Academy Awards when they came out on stage and presented together. Joseph bowed to Emma and then Emma bowed to Joseph in a cute way. We then noticed that Joseph couldn't stop smiling and Emma couldn't stop looking at him. We just could NOT ship them. Since then a lot of articles on the Internet had been written about them as our fantasy couple and Twitter has been going nuts over them too. We then started dreaming about them together even though Emma has a rugby player boyfriend and Joseph has a girlfriend, who is unknown but that shouldn't stop us from dreaming. If we post a lot of photos, fan fiction, manips, icons, graphics, etc. then maybe they will take notice and make our dream come true.

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